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Neoteric Nepal is a Golchha Organization company in strategic partnership with Neoteric India. This partnership leverages the the experience of the largest, oldest and strongest corporate house in Nepal with the sophistication and scope of a distributor that does business with virtually every major IT vendor in the world.

The Golchha Organization is a US$ 225 Million company employing 15,000 people. During its 100 year history it initiated industrialisation in the country and was a key promoter of foreign trade relations. It is active in Agro-business, steel and engineering, consumer products manufacturing, trade, insurance and banking, information technology and more, including three philanthropic charities.

Neoteric India started operation in 1997 and is one of the country's fastest growing IT distributors. It reaches 320 Indian cities and has over 6,000 channel partners.

Our Vision & Mission

Neoteric Nepal is the number-one distributor for information technology, communications and entertainment products in Nepal. We have the top market share for all products we distribute, and a huge base of satisfied and loyal customers gained through adding real value both pre- and post-sale.

We do this by representing prestigious brand name products from around the world – products that consumers know are reliable and high-value.  We use our nationwide, robust distribution system to serve all consumers in the country through a dedicated network of business partners.

We deliver profitable business propositions for our vendors, our dealers and ourselves by creating satisfied customers.

Our Partners

Neoteric's spectrum of products covers the complete information technology sphere – computers, laptops, displays, storage, and printing and imaging products – plus mobile telephones, network servers and routers, entertainment and lifestyle technology, power management and a full-service repair centre.

We partner with the best companies in the world:

Company Products
Dell Laptops
Samsung Displays, Storage Products, Projectors, Photo Frames
HP Laptops, Printers, Consumables
Apple Macintosh Computers, iPods, Accessories
Nokia Mobile Phones
Logitech Peripherals, Lifestyle and Entertainment Devices
UMAX Peripherals, Memory
Wipro PC, Laptops, Servers
MoserBaer Optical Media
MoserBaer Optical Media
CISCO Routers & Switches
BIOSTAR Biostar Boards
KINGSTON Memory Cards
EDIMAX Routers & Switches
HUAWEI Huawei Routers
BELKIN Carry Case, Switch, Router, Car Accessories, Cables, Mobile Accessories
REDINGTON Switch, Router

Our Reach

Neoteric's network of 29 dealers around the country reaches more than 200 computer and technology outlets and 300 mobile telephone shops. We own our own warehouses in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal and Biratnagar.


To support our distribution and our dealers, Neoteric operates marketing activities such as advertising, exhibitions, and special events. We have installed more than 450 shop boards for our retailers, and promote our vendors' products in National and local media, online, through press relations and at IT forums. Neoteric's history and prestige help us work with government at all levels.

Neoteric operates the most modern and high-tech service centre in Nepal. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management and boast a highly-trained, vendor-certified staff and nationwide logistics for collection and replacement of products needing service. We offer hotline service, technical training and on-site services as well as Annual Maintenance Contracts for businesses.

Why Us?

Neoteric is the largest IT distributor in Nepal and the first to use modern distribution techniques. Neoteric was the first company to offer a warranty and service network. We have a history of successes in promoting our brands: the leading market share for Samsung, eliminating the grey market in Nokia products, the first to distribute Apple computers, and much more.

Neoteric has the best network of dedicated partners and organized distribution. We use sophisticated marketing and branding concepts and have invested heavily in infrastructure and technology.

Our knowledge of Nepal and the breadth of our reach across the market is unmatched, and we operate on sound financial principles. Our rapid growth and high profitability make us the ideal business partner, and we are committed for the long term to the country, our dealers and our customers.

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